Vinyl Window and Patio Door Care & Maintenance

Grand Estates vinyl windows and patio doors are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. Keeping vinyl windows clean and cared for doesn’t take long. And by doing so, helps keep your windows and doors beautiful and in top working order.

Below are tips and expert advice for performing simple, routine care to make the most of your investment.

Window Condensation: How does it happen, How to reduce it.

Under certain conditions, condensation can occur both inside and outside your home but windows do not cause condensation. The source of condensation, or “sweating” on windows and mirrors inside a home is caused by humidity, or invisible water vapor, present in virtually all air. When this water vapor comes in contact with a surface, which is at a temperature below what is called the “dew point,” the vapor turns to visible droplets of liquid, or condenses on the cooler surface. This often happens to bathroom mirrors and walls after someone has taken a hot shower. Condensation can also occur on windows during the winter if the inside humidity level is high enough.

Maximum Recommended Humidity Levels

Based on engineering studies conducted at The University of Minnesota Laboratories.
Outside Air Temperature Inside Relative Humidity

-20º F or Below Not Over 15%
-20ºF to -10ºF Not Over 20%
-10ºF to -0ºF Not Over 25%
0ºF to 10ºF Not Over 30%
10ºF to 20ºF Not Over 35%
20ºF to 40ºF Not Over 40%

  • Based on engineering studies 70ºF conducted at the University Laboratories
  • Relative humidity above these are not recommended at the low outside temperatures indicated, unless special provisions are taken in building
  • If higher relative humidity levels are required because of special interior environmental conditions, the window manufacturer should be consulted

Click here to download the full condensation informational brochure

Air Infiltration Around Windows and Doors

To some extent, every home, regardless of age or location, needs to “breathe.” You may feel some air coming into your home around windows, doors, skylights, electrical outlets, walls, floors or the roof. This is air infiltration, and it is the result of air pressure differences between the inside and outside of the home. Every home has some level of air infiltration.

Continue reading about window air infiltration on the AAMA website.

Window Screen Care & Cleaning Guide

Screens are an important part of any window and patio door. They let the outside air into your home, and help keep the bugs out. Screens pick up dirt and grit from the outside air, but they can be easily cleaned and looking like new in no time.

Click here to download the full PDF about window screen cleaning, and how to keep your screen clean.

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