ProGuard Housewrap

Housewrap is used for protecting a home from wind and water while allowing it to breathe. Amcraft Building Product’s ProGuard Housewrap will assure you are protecting your customer’s home with a superior weather resistant barrier that minimizes moisture intrusion while improving a home’s energy efficiency.

ProGuard Housewrap is full of added benefits for you and your customers

• ProGuard can be installed with staples. No need for expensive cap nails
• Perm rating is appropriate for all climates
• ProGuard is not affected by surfactants, such as soaps, cleaning agents, or detergents
• ProGuard can be used under all types of products (e.g. vinyl siding, stucco, wood, steel, brick, stone and fiber cement)
• Features 9-month protection from ultraviolet degradation
• Micro-perforated to allow waterborne vapor to permeate out through the wrap and into the atmosphere
• Woven, polypropylene wrap is both tough and tear resistant
• Meets or exceeds standards for all code approvals
• Will not support mold growth

ProGuard Housewrap can also be imprinted with your company logo for FREE! You can feel confident knowing your name is on a home that is fully protected by the reliable protection of ProGuard Housewrap.

Download ProGuard Sell Sheet