Proguard Premium Commercial Grade Housewrap

Amcraft Building Product’s ProGuard Premium Commercial Grade Housewrap is a highly engineered composite made up of a high strength woven fabric, a monolithic breather film and a non-woven sheet offering a high strength non-perforated membrane for protection from both air and water.

ProGuard Premium commercial grade housewrap meets all national code requirements and can be used under all types of siding and masonry cladding materials such as vinyl siding, wood, steel, brick, stone and fiber cement. Some of the other features and benefits of ProGuard Premium include:

• Meets and exceeds all ICC-ES AC38 for Water Resistive and Air Barrier properties with an air leakage rate of less than 0.02 L/S/m2 per ASTM E2178-03
• High tear strength for job site toughness
• Lightweight and easy to install with staples
• Not affected by surfactants including oils and tannins from siding and OSB, and soaps from power washing
• Improves efficiency of wall insulation and seals cracks and seams in walls to reduce drafts
• Features 9-month protection from ultraviolet degradation

ProGuard Premium can also be imprinted with your company logo for FREE! You can feel confident knowing your name is protected by the reliable defense of ProGuard Premium.

Download ProGuard Premium Sell Sheet